Cali Roadtrip! Day 8 & 9

The Cali roadtrip came to an end all too soon. On Day 8 we saw some close friends and did lots of driving back to LA, and on Day 9 we explored some of LA before flying back to Hong Kong!

Day 8

San Mateo

We left San Francisco and stopped by San Mateo to see some family friends and their babies 🙂 We had a lovely picnic at the Crystal Springs Reservoir!


In the afternoon we drove for six hours to make it back to L.A. for our last day!

Day 9

Echo Park

Day 9 was our only day in L.A. We started the day off with a nice breakfast in Echo Park mainly because… I wanted to see the Charmed house. Childhood goals 🙂



Santa Monica

We then headed to Santa Monica and walked along the pier!


Venice Beach

We rented some bikes and cycled to Venice Beach. We walked along the boardwalk, had some yummy burgers for lunch and watched the skaters at the famous skate park 🙂


The End!

We then gave the rental car back (sad times!!), got an Uber to LAX and got on our 16-hour flight back to Hong Kong. Hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip!

Watch Day 9 in our video:


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