Cali Roadtrip! Day 6

This was our second day in San Francisco. We explored the city further, saw more sights and fell even more in love with SF! 🙂

Painted Ladies

We headed to the Painted Ladies first thing in the morning as I was so excited to see them. They are stunning houses, and actually many more houses in the area are just as beautiful!



We then headed to the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood for breakfast! We found a cool family-owned store/cafe and enjoyed bagels and flat whites outside in the sun 🙂



We crossed Golden Gate Bridge to go to the city right across the bay from SF: Sausalito. It’s a beautiful little town and we enjoyed walking along the pretty streets and had a picnic on the bay 🙂



Lombard Street

We then drove back across the bridge to see more classic San Francisco sights, starting with the windy Lombard Street! Right across it we also had a stunning view of Coit Tower.



Ghirardelli Square

Our next stop was Ghirardelli Square – you can’t visit the chocolate factory anymore unfortunately but that didn’t stop us eating some 🙂



Last but not least, we ended Day 6 on the Embarcadero!


Watch it all in a video:

Click to see Day 7 photos!


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