Cali Roadtrip! Day 2

After a night in San Luis Obispo (where we ordered pizza and fell asleep at 8 p.m. – jet lag is real), we started off day 2 of our roadtrip in Morro Bay.

Morro Bay

Morro Rock was gorgeous and we even spotted some wild otters 🙂



We then drove up to Cambria and admired the view!


Hearst Beach

We didn’t have time unfortunately to visit Hearst Castle, but we did stop by the beautiful Hearst Beach!


Elephant Seal Rookery

Our next stop was a famous beach absolutely covered in elephant seals! As an animal lover, this was such a cool experience 🙂


Big Sur

Then came the highlight of the day – Big Sur and McWay Falls! One of the most gorgeous places we’ve ever been to.


Pfeiffer Beach

Next stop was Pfeiffer Beach – impressive waves crashing on a gorgeous natural beach!


Bixby Bridge

The last bit of our drive was on Bixby Bridge, where we stopped to admire the sunset.



See it all in our video!

Click to see Day 3 photos!


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