Cali Roadtrip! Day 1

In November we went on an amazing holiday in California! We were there for nine days, landed in L.A. and drove all the way up to San Francisco, stopping at beautiful places along the way. We had such a wonderful time – enjoy the photos!

Day 1

After a 13-hour flight and a sleepless night at a hotel in L.A., we got up around 5:30 and headed straight to… IHOP.


Malibu Beach and Pier

Sufficiently fuelled for the day, we started our drive up to SF. First stop, Malibu! We had a nice coffee in the sunshine on the pier 🙂

img_6801img_6805Santa Barbara

We loved Santa Barbara – gorgeous shops, beautiful mission and pretty beach 🙂

img_7673img_7683img_7687img_7689img_7699img_7697img_7708Refugio State Beach

At the end of Day 1 we went to the gorgeous Refugio State Beach to watch the sunset.


See it all in a video shot with our GoPro!

Click to see Day 2 photos!


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