So we’re moving to Hong Kong

Three weeks ago Alex and I got the final confirmation for his new job in Hong Kong. He signed the contract and we applied for our working visas.

And then we went OH MY GOD (well, ruder, but you get the gist). We still haven’t quite realised what we’re doing or just how much our lives are going to change very soon. It all currently seems very surreal and we feel like we’re in a limbo state.

We are ridiculously excited to move to Hong Kong. We’re excited to find a new flat. Excited to try all the yummy food. Excited to make new international friends. Excited to find a new job (for me!). Excited to go discover other parts of Asia on weekends and holidays. Excited to start a new life!

Of course leaving will be bittersweet. We are really going to miss our friends in London and our families in France. Our three nephews will grow up without us for a bit. But modern technology will be on our side and we’ll come back once  or twice a year.

Stay tuned for moving updates!












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